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Scavenger Hunt: Ulysses S. Grant Memorial


Scavenger Hunt: Smithsonian Castle

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Scavenger Hunt: World War II Memorial


Scavenger Hunt: Korean War Memorial

Scavenger Hunt: World War II Memorial

Scavenger Hunt: Ulysses S. Grant Memorial



Waffle Vendor on the Mall

Much like the food trucks that line the Mall today, food wagons in the late 1800s catered to office workers and tourists. Here a wagon offering "Hot Waffles 6 for 5c" sits on the Mall near the southside of the Treasury Department building.

A Picnic on the White House Lawn

During the 1800s the White House was much more accessible than it is today and informal social events were often held at the executive mansion. In this photo, a group is picnicking on the White House grounds with the Treasury Department building…

The Seat of Government of the United States

Freeman Hunt wrote a series of articles for his Merchants' Magazine in the spring of 1848 describing the history and current state of the capital city, which was mostly undeveloped at the time. In the second installment of the series he wrote about…